Joe Rogan Recommends This Work Out Routine

Joe Rogan Recommends This Work Out Routine

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Whatever your opinion is on Joe Rogan’s comedy, podacast or TV work, there is one thing we can all agree on: The guy is a motivated savage. I’m pretty sure Joe has more muscles in his neck then most people do in their entire body.
So, what work out routine does Joe rocommend?

3 Simple Exercises

Joe has talked before about keeping your work out simple; he said that a lot of people work out for long periods of time and it’s unnecessary. 40 minutes is plenty of time to get a good, time efficient work out in.
When speaking to Tom Papa on his podcast (episode #1281), Joe suggested just 3 simple exercises for your work out.



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A chin up is a strength exercise that works out the Latissimus Dorsi and Biceps.
To do a chin up grip a bar (the bar must be tall enough for you to hang from) with your palms facing towards you. Hang from the bar and pull yourself up. Make sure to tense your abdominal muscles as this will help to strengthen your core. Stop and hold for a few seconds at the top and then drop yourself back down.
A chin up can be difficult to achieve so keep trying if you can’t do it at first.



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A push up is a calisthenic exercise that exercises the pectoral muscles, triceps, anterior and the mid section.
To perform a push up you get in the prone position and raise & lower your body using your arms. No equipment is needed. If you have your hands out wider then your shoulder, the push up becomes a press up and will also work the pectoral muscles (chest muscles or pecks).


Body-weight Squat


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A body-weight squat is an exercise that works the lower body.
Again, this exercise can be performed without any equipment. To do a squat stand with your legs about shoulder-width apart. Make sure you keep your head straight and looking forward. Keep your feet flat on the floor and lower your body so that your hips drop to your knees. Then push yourself back up and feel the burn.

Keep It Simple

You can join the gym and enjoy the advanced facilities they have if you want, there’s nothing wrong with that. However, Joe Rogan is also right when he says you can get a good work out by keeping it simple.
In fact, for his whole work out all you need in terms of equipment is a bar for the chin ups.

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