NoFap Benefits

No Fap Benefits

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“No Fap” is simply not masturbating. No Fap started as there were a lot of people that were becoming addicted to pornography and were masturbating several times a day. Basically, The No Fap movement started as a way for people that are addicted to pornography to get on the straight and narrow.
The movement grew and there are now a lot of No Fappers that have never had a problem with pornography addiction. They believe that if you stop masturbating, over time you’ll have more energy, be more motivated and be more attractive to the opposite sex. These people are claiming that No Fap is like a super power and will be the best decision you have ever made.
However, is there any evidence that this is true?


Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that produces happiness and motivation. Dopamine gives you the motivation to get up and go to work. It’s also what makes playing video games all day fun. When scientists turned off the Dopamine Receptors in rats they suddenly had no motivation to do anything. The scientists would put food in their cages but the rats would just sit there until they starved to death.
Sex is very fun and releases a lot of dopamine when you are doing it. It releases more dopamine in to the brain then morphine does. It’s the same with pornography. Dopamine is being released as you watch and it’s easy to maintain the same amount of dopamine by clicking on a new video or visiting a new site.
When your brain is releasing that much dopamine; your body starts to decrease the amount of dopamine receptors in the brain. With less receptors, the less dopamine will make you feel happy and motivated by other things.
People that start No Fap stop the high amounts of dopamine released in the brain and the dopamine levels return to normal. People report that they start feeling much happier, more motivated, a higher sex drive and have less anxiety in social situations.



Studies have shown that not masturbating for a week can significantly increase testosterone.
High Testosterone is associated with healthy heart and blood, stronger bones, increased sex drive, improvement in mood, mental benefits (better memory and mathematics reasoning), less fat and more muscle.

More Confidence


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A lot of No Fappers report an increase in their confidence levels. They claim this changed their lives; they became more confident which lead to them getting a promotion at work, meeting new friends, starting a business and finding the love of their life. All because of No Fap. Can it be true?
Obviously, it’s not as simple as starting No Fap and then seeing your life magically turn around but it may give you more motivation to do so. People believe this is because of the dopamine levels returning to normal.
As time goes by you will gain more and more confidence as your dopamine levels returns to normal.


Instant Gratification

You should really have to work for a nice reward. It feels great to put hard work in to something, see it succeed and enjoy the rewards. However, with pornography and masturbation there is no hard work and you skip straight the reward.
This is training the brain in a negative way. It makes it too easy to get instant gratification and your brain wants to stop working for such rewards when it can get them easily and straight away. Being able to see attractive men or women with the click of a button can really be a motivation killer in the long run. With No Fap your brain stops getting this instant gratification and will start to associate hard work with reward (if you are working hard and achieving, that is).
Stop rewarding yourself for being lazy!

Can No Fap really make you a gift to the opposite sex?

Not ejaculating will definitely make you more interested in trying to meet a member of the opposite sex. You are not getting the instant release from masturbation and will have to put in some effort to meet a member of the opposite sex. Instead of just masturbating and lying in your bed satisfied afterwards, you’ll have to put in some work to meet somebody.
You might start working out, trying different clothes, trying to be more confident and even changing your life to something that might be more attractive to people. In that way, you do become more attractive.

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